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"MARECHAL ELECTRIC S.A.S." is a French company that produces electric connection systems for harsh and Ex environments (zone 1, 2, 21 and 22) under two complementary brands MARECHAL® and TECHNOR® with the same level of quality requirement worldwide. The company is specialized in the manufacture of low voltage electrical connectors from 5A to 700A, as well as electrical solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres.

Their customers benefit from the products designed to ensure safety, performance, ease of use and energy efficiency.

The Marechal DecontactorTM is a plug and socket with an integral load-break switch, a unique design that offers various technical plug and socket benefits.  

The main industries using their products worldwide are:

> the food and beverage industries

> water treatment

> chemicals and refineries

> heavy industry

> power generation

> entertainment and medias

> fire emergency services

> ports, marinas, offshore and shipyards

> cities and infrastructures.

The DECONTACTOR™ - Silver-nickel contacts, and chemical resistant casings help withstand corrosion caused by the hydrogen sulfide gases even in extreme working conditions. 

The DECONTACTOR™ is a plug with integrated switch; comprehensive range, covering all needs of industrial electrical connections. From 16 A to 400 A, it offers many options for electrical installation. Therefore you do not need to connect the socket with a switch.